We are here to help, to serve & to empower

SAHAYA’s primary objective is to be of help to the underprivileged, poor, needy, destitute, and down-trodden and contribute to their well beings in all the forms. We strive to fulfill our tag line ‘Reach Assure and Selflessly Serve You’. (RASSY)

The activities space where our trust has kept the foot prints are

  • Educational Support in all the forms,
  • Medical aid, assistance and surgical support
  • Infrastructure facilities to old and unattended educational institutions,
  • Support and assistance to the poor affected by natural calamities

and intend to reach further into promotion of green peace movement, environmental awareness among the people, and to take up issues that affect the greenery and environment in general.

To cite our recent activities and success story:

1. Sponsorship of education fees to poor and needy students ( Minimum 5 students each year in the past 3 years)

2. Surgical assistance and sponsorship to children affected with severe deformity (6 successful surgeries sponsored in the last 3 years)

3. Sponsorship of basic needs like UPS Kit, RO Plant etc., worth INR 1,50,000, to orphanages and food and clothing to Orphans worth INR 1,00,000

4. Surgical assistance to poor, down trodden childless couple

5. Supply of basic necessities (Groceries, food, blankets etc.,) for 1 month to the poor victims severely affected by natural calamities—Thane      Cyclone, Uttarkand flood relief

6. 25 Green saplings planted in the last 1 year

Sahaya's Mission

Help, Serve & Empower

To be of help to the underprivileged, poor, needy, destitute, and down-trodden


To serve as a catalyst in improving their well being in all the forms with utmost love, care and support.


To empower them, make them self-sufficient and capable of creating a better future for themselves.